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Post  Alex_Burbulea on 10/24/2014, 00:28

Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] 8knYDdV

   Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu


   Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu

   1. Citizenship Information
   1.1: Forename*: Alexandru
   1.2: Middle name: -
   1.3: Surname*: Burbulea
   1.4: Domestic address*: Bone County , Las Venturas
   1.5: Phone number*: 1489439
   1.6: Date of Birth*: 01/09/1974
   1.7: Dated signature*: 10/24/2014, Alexandru Burbulea.


Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu
   2. Pre Qualifying Information
   2.1: Do you hold a full drivers license*: Yes.
   2.2A: Has your license ever been revoked*: No.
   2.2B: If yes, how many times and why*:
   2.3A: Do you hold any warnings on your license*: No.
   2.3B: If yes, how many and why*:
   2.4: Do you hold a taxi license*: Yes.
   2.5: Do you hold a CCW license*: No.
   2.6: Do you hold a flying license*: No.
   2.7A: Do you have a clean criminal record*: Yes.
   2.7B: If no, why*:


Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu
   3. Qualifying Information
   3.1: Do you own a bus or taxi*: Taxi.
   3.2: Which branch do you wish to embark*: Taxi-driver.
   3.3: For how long have you been doing public transportation*: 14 Years.
   3.4: Why would you like to embark a career within the LST*: Well , I want to work in a company.
   3.5: Why should we pick you to other applicants*: I don't know.


Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu

Terms of Applying
   I, Alexandru Burbulea, hereby give the management of Los Santos Transit permission to look up my previous records of my person (criminal record, license record, driving record), keep this document for future use and furthermore I approve that my statements above are equal to the truth without any exception.

   *Lack of statement results in an unquestioned denial.


Alexandru Burbulea [DENIED] KUHpZSu

Out Of-Character
   1. Character Information
   1.1: Level of the character you are applying with: 8
   1.2: Are you applying with an alternative or main character: Main.
   1.3: Are you in any faction on any of your characters?: No.
   1.4: If yes, name character, faction and rank: Name, Rank, Faction.


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